Row80 Check In 1-18-12 Slow and Steady

This week has started off slower than I’d hoped, but I do have a legitimate excuse. I’ve had two toddlers the past couple of days, and my own daughter was off school on Monday, so it was tough to write amid the chaos.

Thanks to my critique partner, Catie Rhodes, I did manage to get some work done on the first act of The Prophet. She discovered some character/scene issues during her read through, and I wanted to fix them before continuing with the MS. I hope to finish that today.

I’m also happy to be participating in the sprints over at the #Row80 hashtag on Twitter. It’s a fun, supportive group, and a great way to buckle down and get some serious writing time in. They take place at 1 p.m, central. Would love to see you there!

Goals for Sunday Check In: 

Finish Prophet act one corrections
Write 2,00o words on act 2
Thriller Thursday post

Great Links:

What if your biggest naysayer is you? by Torre DeRoche.

Eliminating Echoes in our Writing at Mystery Writing is Murder.

A Must Know Tip for Slam Bang Finales by K.M. Weiland.

Hope your week is going well!

About Stacy Green

Stacy Green is the best selling author of psychological thrillers and mystery with a dash of romance. As a stay at home mom, she's blessed with making writing a full-time career. She lives in Iowa with her supportive husband, daughter, and their three fur-babies.
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22 Responses to Row80 Check In 1-18-12 Slow and Steady

  1. Toddlers can making it tough to write. Good luck with your goals this week.

  2. donnagalanti says:

    Stacy, slow and steady – I like it! It does all add up after awhile, Good luck with The Prophet. Amazing you are getting stuff done with little ones around 😉

  3. Toddlers – say no more! 🙂
    Sounds like you are still well on track – woot woot! I keep forgetting when I sit down to write to sign on to twitter and either join or start a sprint. I try to NOT go online and get distracted. LOL! But I’ll try to join in a few this week! FUN!!

  4. My week started off slow as well. It sounds like you are still moving forward, which is good. I need to check out a sprint.

  5. I can imagine the chaos of having a couple of toddlers at home while you’re trying to get everything else done. Still, you’re moving right along. Hope this week goes well for you too. 😀

  6. I am enjoying the heck out of our wordsprints. I had a mini-meltdown from “kids are home!” noise overload this week, too. I think this three day weekend came to close to the end of the Winter Break. The groove has been tough for me to refind but as of today, I think I have found it again FINALLY!

    Looking forward to writing alongside you for an hour more this week!!

    • Stacy Green says:

      Me, too. I need to comment more, but they’ve made a big difference for me. I will definitely be there tomorrow and hopefully Friday. So happy to hear you’re finding your groove – it’s a wonder feeling.

      See you there tomorrow!

  7. Jenny Hansen says:

    *shudders* TWO toddlers??! I can barely get in writing time with one. I bow to you, Stacy… 🙂

  8. Jane says:

    I think it is great that you managed to accomplish so much this week. I am sure you had fun with the little ones though. I will definitively join you at the twitter #ROW80 one day.

  9. Tia Bach says:

    First of all, LOVE the picture. Too sweet. And thanks for including information about the #ROW80 sprints. I forgot the times. I love those for motivation, so I need to hop in on a few.

    Wishing you continued editing progress this week.

    • Stacy Green says:

      Isn’t it amazing? I just had to share it, lol. You’re welcome. They’re great for motivation – I’ve managed to stay focused in every one I’ve joined, which is tough for me. Hope to see you there, and thanks!

  10. That’s the cutest picture. They are bonding. 🙂 Your trucking along Stacy. See you at the #row80 sprints.

  11. Julie Glover says:

    I’ve been saying for weeks that I want to get in on those ROW80 wordsprints. Of course, I have been editing so far. But I’m determined to jump in soon. I finished edits last night! Your progress is looking good, Stacy. Toddlers, huh? Yes, that will throw off the schedule a bit! Have a great writing week!

    • Stacy Green says:

      You definitely need to join! I’m rewriting some Prophet scenes, and it’s been a great way to focus. Yay on finishing edits! Yes, toddlers, lol. Exhausting. Thanks, and you, too!

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