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Row80 Check-In: Not a WIP Anymore!

First off, I’ve been TERRIBLE about doing Row80 check-ins, and I’m really sorry. It’s just been hard to keep up with everything with all the writing I’ve been doing. But you guys have been so supportive via Twitter and Facebook … Continue reading

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Row80 Check In 9000 and Counting

I know I’ve been fail checking in the last few weeks. Truthfully, I hate just posting about the word count, but I haven’t wanted to take the time to add something useful to my posts. But I had to post … Continue reading

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Row80 Check In: Restructuring and Refocus

First off, I’m sorry for the lack of check-ins lately. Last week, I visited my best friend in the Twin Cities, and this past weekend I was at my parents. I’ve been so focused on writing in my spare time … Continue reading

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Row80 Check-In: Adrenaline Rush

But it was a good feeling! After a late start, I ended up with just over 10,000 words. It’s been a tremendous help to have the scene by scene outline, and of course, the Row80 Sprints are great motivation. I … Continue reading

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Manic Monday: Row80 Catch Up and Linkage

That’s pretty much how I feel right now. Took the weekend off and now have way too many things to do. Row80 Report: I had a great week, especially since I didn’t get started until Wednesday. I managed to get … Continue reading

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Manic Monday: Row80 Round 2 Kickoff – Determination

I can’t believe it’s April 2nd (only twelve days away from my thirty-fifth birthday, a day of equal celebration and mourning in our house) and time for Row 80, Round 2. Some big goals for me this time around. INTO … Continue reading

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Final Row80 Check In: End of the Road

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of another round and the second official day of spring. This round didn’t quite go as I expected, but I can’t complain. 2012 Round 1 Goals: Write 2000/week on The Prophet Continue to … Continue reading

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Row80 Check-In: From celebration to determination

I’m visiting my parents this weekend while Grace is on spring break, so I haven’t gotten a lot done since Thursday. But I did make some progress this week. Still basking in the glow of signing my first book contract … Continue reading

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Row80 Check-In: Start and Stop

Today’s check in will be short and sweet: Thriller Thursday is ready to go for tomorrow’s post. I’ve managed to write just under 2500 words on The Prophet. And then I discovered an issue with scene continuity that I need … Continue reading

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Row80 Check-In Admitting Defeat and Resetting

So the writing is going okay. No defeat to admit there. Things are moving along with INTO THE DARK (hopefully I will have some news for you in the next week), and after ironing out the plot issues I discovered … Continue reading

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