Into the Dark


What The Reviewers Are Saying:

“INTO THE DARK is terrifying because of its potential to become reality. Its absolute believability is scary. ”

“INTO THE DARK is a page turner that will keep you up way past bedtime. Sweet dreams.”

“The character development is superb and the story has as many twists, turns and dark shadows as the Las Vegas storm tunnels where the novel is partly set. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more of Ms. Green’s work.”

“It had everything I was looking for in a suspense-I-can’t-put-it-down kind of book.”

Into The Dark by Stacy Green
Available now from MuseItUp Publishing.


Branch Manager Emilie Davis is having a day like any other–until two masked men storm into WestOne Bank demanding cash.  Her hopes of a quick end to her terror are dashed when she realizes one of the men has no interest in the bank’s money. Emilie is his prize, and he’s come to claim her.

When hostage negotiator Nathan Madigan and Las Vegas SWAT enter the bank on a rescue mission, Emilie’s captor makes a shocking escape into the abyss that lies beneath the city: the Las Vegas storm drains, a refuge for the downtrodden and the desperate.


Who is the man the media has dubbed the “Taker?” Why is he after Emilie, and what is the connection he’s convinced they share?

Emilie can’t run from the Taker, and she can’t escape her own past. As her life closes in on her, she has nowhere to turn but to Nathan. The lines of professionalism blur as Nathan becomes determined to save Emilie. Together they venture into the depths beneath Las Vegas and discover a shocking piece of the puzzle.

But the Taker remains one step ahead. Desperate for the threat to emerge from the shadows, Emilie makes a bold move to reclaim her life, and it may cost her everything.


Crazy seemed to understand this. He paced the room, reminding Emilie of a caged tiger she saw in the zoo as a child. The animal’s huge paws had worn a bare path in the green grass as it constantly circled its enclosure. Like the tiger, the man’s eyes shifted from person to person, spot to spot but never settled. He knew he was as trapped as the hostages.

But the man sitting next to her was calm. Serene. And he scared her to death.

“Why are you here?” Butterflies swarmed in her stomach. Sweat rolled down her forehead and stung her eyes.

Laugh lines appeared at the corner of the man’s eyes. Was he smiling underneath the mask? “You don’t know, Miss Emilie?”

Her heart skidded to a stop. How did he know her name? Throat constricted, she shook her head.

“For you, Miss Emilie. I’m here for you.” 

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27 Responses to Into the Dark

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  23. Sounds so awesome! I can’t wait to read it. 😀

  24. Stacy Green says:

    Thanks, Sonia! Hope you enjoy it:)

  25. Crystal Young says:

    I would love to read the book Thanks
    crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

  26. Teracia Loretan says:

    excited to read the book.

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