Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 10 – Cage is in trouble

We are getting close to the end! Thanks so much for all the tweets and shares for the puzzle. So glad you all are enjoying it. Here’s

SKELETON’S KEY Delta Crossroads #2

“So is my being a killer. I have no motive.”

“But you do. And you had the means. And the opportunity. Look, Cage, I’ve been on your side until now. But frankly, it’s starting to look pretty dark for you. Your affinity for history is no secret. You tried hard to save the Semple farm, and the effort failed. Then you take to Ironwood. A psychologist might wonder if you were compensating for your inability to save Lana.”

Cage bit his tongue and tasted blood.

“Ironwood is alone and unloved. Maybe you feel some sort of odd kinship with the place. Protective. You’re putting your own sweat and blood into cleaning her up. Then these two men show up with no regard for the house. You snap. Bury the bodies where it’s convenient and figure you’ll move them later.”



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Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 9-Ghost in the Window

Congrats to Marilyn Slagel for winning an advanced copy of SKELETON’S KEY! There will be one more available before the big release.

Now, onto the ghost in the window. My amazing artist, Kimberlee Ketterman Edgar, noticed early on in the painting she’d unconsciously put a figure in the lower left window of the house. She named her “Little Miss Marie.”

Can you see her?

SKELETON’S KEY Delta Crossroads #2

Still barefoot, Dani approached Ironwood’s massive dual staircase, keeping to the right set of stairs as instructed. She took the first stair and then the second. The third creaked, and Dani clutched the right banister. She loved the cool touch of the worn, smooth wood, and slowly ascended to the second floor. Each step had its own grunt, and every creak and groan made Dani’s muscles tense.

Finally, she reached the top. Taking a deep breath, she turned and gazed down to the first floor. The lighting in the foyer was lousy, but the French marble floor still boasted its antique elegance. The staircase’s banisters and railing–all solid mahogany–emitted a dull glow, as though the once pristine house was trying to redeem itself. How many times had a member of the Laurent family stood in this spot, watching as guests arrived and taking in the magnificent stairs? Had CaryAnne dreamed of walking down them as a bride, with her father at her side and her groom waiting to receive her, the house filled with admiring guests?


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Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 8 and a GIVEAWAY!

It’s Thursday! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend to be here. Today includes a delicious teaser, but I’m also giving away an advanced copy of SKELETON’S KEY, so make sure you get over to my Facebook Page before the day ends!

SKELETON’S KEY Delta Crossroads #2

“Don’t you mean a Southern gentleman?” Cage got to his feet. His eyes were narrowed and his once-charming smirk cruel. “I bet he fits your ridiculously romanticized version of the South to a tee. Let me guess, he was in his khakis and a nice dress shirt, right? A modern day version of a southern planter?”

Dani refused to answer. Cage’s spiteful laugh doubled her frustration.

“Well then, he might just be perfect for you. After all, your version of our way of life is as cliché as Ben Moore.” Cage stood and strode to the door. “I’ve heard enough for today.” He looked at Jaymee. “I’ll check in with you tomorrow.”


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Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 7 and some historic trivia

We’re halfway to seeing the whole cover, and just 19 days away from the release of SKELETON’S KEY! How are you liking the puzzle reveal?

Some fun historic trivia:

The butlers pantry in the white house originated during President Andrew Jackson’s time as a locked “vault” to protect the new collection of expensive silver. The new chef did not sleep in the pantry as previous ones did.

SKELETON’S KEY Delta Crossroads #2

“Dani?” Cage materialized out of nowhere. He thundered up the steps and then knelt in front of her. He wrapped one big hand around her forearm and gently tilted her chin up with the other. She rested her head against his shoulder.

“What happened? Is it the heat again? I’ll get you some water.”

“No.” Dani choked. “It’s…I can’t go back in there right now.”

He searched her face, his own twisted into an expression of confusion and concern. The wrinkles across his forehead smoothed out, and his eyes widened. “The butler’s pantry. You opened it.”

Dani nodded.

“Does Gina think that’s that where he killed them?” Cage spoke softly, reminding her of the way she’d heard mothers deal with small children.


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Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 6 – Unlocking the Secrets!

Thanks so much for all of your support of the cover reveal! I’m sharing an extra long teaser today, featuring Jaymee from TIN GOD. Yes, she makes several key appearances, and in this scene, she’s telling Dani about Roselea’s Civil War hero.
SKELETON’S KEY (Delta Crossroads #2)

“But there are no more Laurents around here, are there? The Evaline line ended, and CaryAnne never had any children.”

“No, but people like Grace have generations of stories. And not just about their own families.”

Dani looked out the windows at the new morning sun. “It’s so sad. So much of Ironwood’s story is lost.”

“Or never told,” Jaymee said. “CaryAnne was a recluse, especially as she got older. Even before she got sick. I always heard she never got over her father’s death. In fact, that’s one of my favorite legends about Ironwood.”


Jaymee grinned. “Cage will be so pissed at me for telling you this. He hates the old gossip.”

“Too bad. I happen to love it.”

“Well, Grace always told us that locals claimed CaryAnne never buried John James in the family plot in the cemetery. That she just had a funeral for an empty casket.”

Coldness swept over Dani. “Are we talking Psycho in reverse here?”

“Basically. Grace’s father always blew off the rumors, but people used to say CaryAnne kept John James’s body with her at Ironwood. She couldn’t let him go.”

“What if the skull belongs to John James?”

If you want to know more about John James, CaryAnne, and the secrets of Ironwood BEFORE the book releases, be sure to sign up for my mailing list. I’ll be sending some very special goodies out starting next week!


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Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 5

Happy Monday, if there is such a thing! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was actually restful, and I even finished reading a book. Tana French’s The Likeness, highly recommended!

The puzzle reveal of Skeleton’s Key cover rolls on, and I have an interesting teaser for you today. Just one line. Can you guess what happens?

SKELETON’S KEY, Delta Crossroads #2

“I’ve always been surprised people didn’t tear the house apart looking for the secret room.” Cage grinned at her, enjoying the shock flickering over her flushed face.

SkeletonsKeyEbookFinalPuzzle05Thanks for all your support of the cover reveal! I can’t wait to show you the entire thing!


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Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 4

Happy Sunday! Thanks so much for your support of the cover reveal! I’m having a lot of fun, and soon I’ll be telling you about the Facebook launch and all the cool swag I have planned.

You’re getting an extra long teaser today:)

SKELETON’S KEY (Delta Crossroads #2)

Cage turned over the carriage house to Gina, and Dani followed him outside. His back was rigid, his broad shoulders stiff. His grip on Dani’s bag was so tight his knuckles were white. He stopped at her car and whipped around to face her.

Dani stopped short, nearly running into his chest. She stepped back. “Sorry.”

Dawn crept over the eastern horizon, turning the night sky into shades of deep purple and emerging pink. In the meager light, Dani could see the tense set of his jaw.

“It would be easier if you rode with me. But I understand if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t mind. But I need my car. To head to the church later.”

“Right.” He moved towards the rental, his long strides too much for Dani to match. She jogged to catch up with him.

“Hey.” She caught him by the elbow and tugged hard. He probably outweighed her by ninety pounds, but Cage stopped.


“I don’t think you’re a suspect, you know.”

“Why not? After all, it is the logical thing.” A muscle in his jaw twitched, his chin jutting out. The worry lines in his forehead betrayed his stress.

“Come on.” Dani stared up at him in the moonlight. “You’re a cop. Do I really have to point out the obvious?”

“Enlighten me.”


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