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Thriller Thursday: T.J. Lane. Poster Child for New Generation of Killers?

On Tuesday, T.J. Lane, 18, was sentenced to three life sentences for shooting three students to death in an Ohio high school cafeteria after pleading guilty for the February 2012 shootings at Chardon High School. Instead of showing any remorse–either … Continue reading

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Thriller Thursday: This Month in Criminal History

Today’s Thriller Thursday is about history-one of my favorite topics. March is a month full of interesting criminal history, and here are a few of the events that stand out to me. On a side note, today is Einstein’s birthday. … Continue reading

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Thriller Thursday: Jack The Stripper

Yes, you read that right. No, it’s not a typo. Between 1964-65, six women were murdered, their bodies found around the Thames River. All were prostitutes. All had been strangled and left naked. Because of their locations and similarity to … Continue reading

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Something Special for my Blog Followers!

First off, I’m sorry for the Thriller Thursday fail last week. Jury duty derailed me, and I just wasn’t able to get it done. I did learn a lot, however, and I’m really grateful for the experience. Anyway, I wanted … Continue reading

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Thriller Thursday: FBI’s Most Wanted List

The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list is something most of us are familiar with. It’s comprised of the worst of the worst, and is usually posted in any government facility, including the post office. The list originated in 1949 … Continue reading

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Thriller Thursday: Famous Last Meals

The last meal is customary part of a convicted criminals last day. Some states, like Texas, have done away with the tradition, but the vast majority still allow death row inmates to choose their last meal. So what does a … Continue reading

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Criminal Minds: TV’s best bad guys

Hi all! I’m visiting Open Book Society to talk about one of my favorite shows, Criminal Minds. They have the best bad guys on television, and the show inspires me to make my own villains as dark as possible. Stop … Continue reading

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Thriller Thursday: Serial Killer Fascination

Serial killer. Those two words send chills down our collective spines and yet many of us, including myself, are fascinated by them. We want to understand WHY they do what they do, if their actions are driven by base instinct … Continue reading

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Thriller Thursday: Redrum

No, we’re not talking about the iconic scene from The Shining (although that still sends chills down my spine). Today’s topic is the brand new Investigation Discovery show, Redrum, and its first case. I’ve been seeing previews for Redrum for … Continue reading

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Twisted Facts: The Human Body

Welcome to another fast Monday edition of Twisted Facts! This week, we’re talking about the amazing human body. Although we are very fragile, our bodies are also unique machines with some incredible abilities. Did you know: The acid in your stomach is … Continue reading

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