Twisted Facts: Dumb Criminals

Welcome to my first edition of Twisted Facts! As most of you know, I’m a research nerd. Mondays will be about whatever odd fact on history, crime, technology and whatever else catches my eye.

Dumb crime and bonehead criminals are a favorite topic for me. With all the cruelty in this world and the topics I write about, they’re a nice break.

Here are some of my favorites from the last couple of months.

Portsmouth, RI: Gregory Rosa, 25, was charged with a series of vending machine robberies. He tried to post $400 bail in coins.

Lake City, FL: Karen Lee Joachimi, 20, was arrested for trying to rob a Howard Johnson’s with an electric chainsaw. It wasn’t plugged in.

Kentucky: Two men tried to yank off the front of a cash machine by running a chain from it to their truck bumper. They wound up pulling the bumper off their truck and fled the scene. The chain was still attached to the machine, with the bumper. And their license plate.

Larch Barrens, MD: Burglars tried to cut through a safe using a Laser Tag gun.

Chicago: A man was wanted for throwing bricks through a jewelry store windows and stealing. The night of his arrest, a brink bounced back, hit him in the head and knocked him out. He was still out when the police arrived.

But don’t worry. Dumb crime isn’t limited to the States.

England: A German on an apparent golf holiday brought his golf bag to customs. During golf chatter, the official realizes the tourist doesn’t know anything about the sport. When asked to demonstrate his swing, he does. Backwards. Narcotics were found in the golf bag.

And the list goes on. And on!

Do you know any dumb criminals? Have a favorite dumb story to share? I’d love to hear it.


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13 Responses to Twisted Facts: Dumb Criminals

  1. beverlydiehl says:

    Yes, for all the talk about “criminal masterminds,” there’s plenty of criminals of middling intelligence. Or less, (But it’s not as much catching the average criminal as it is catching the super-smart or super-dumb.)

    I heard about one would be bank robber who was told he couldn’t rob the bank with just a note, he needed to show his ID, so he handed his to the teller.

  2. Brilliant people, those criminals! XD

  3. Karen Rought says:

    These were just too good, Stacy! Hilarious stuff here. Thanks for making me laugh. 🙂

  4. jessicarpatch says:

    The one in KY cracked me up. Leaving behind their license plates. LOL Thanks for the giggles.

  5. It always amazes me, always.

  6. If crime doesn’t pay then perhaps it’s not such a smart career moved. Love your humor . Thanks for the post!

  7. Julie Glover says:

    I love these stories too. It’s like immediate karma. 🙂

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